Black Hole

Two astronomers embark for the ride of a lifetime. Little did they know one for an adventure that would be their end.

Lift off began. They head to space on a mission. All the beauty and wonder they saw twinkled in their eyes.

Then, suddenly a swirling blackness raged beyond. With loss of words they stood in their spaceship.

Suddenly, one passenger decides it’s time. Time for her adventure. She now knows her final adventure. She says to the other her heart’s intent.

Without stopping her, they move forth. At a safe distance from the pure darkness that destroys everything around, she put on her spacesuit as they said their last goodbye.

Each had a timer in their hands. The doors opened and they both clicked the timer button as she took her first step to the unknown.  The two timers clicked as one.  Leaping towards the rage, she never looked back. Determined eyes, she neared the hole. Her friend watched as she Vanish from light to darkness.

How she felt against the gravitational pull, we don’t know. But the two timers stopped ticking as one when the darkness took her in.

*This piece I wrote is inspired by an article I once read last week on Facebook timeline. I can’t find it. I never saved it. If I find it, however, I will definitely link it on here.



I locked the doors, closed the blinds, and hid my heart in fear of the unknown. One mistake, left with dread to see it on your face. But this Sacred place I found comfort in, held me in grace. It’s where my heart longs and my soul cries for. It’s where my mind is sane. Every tear wiped away. Every worry filled with hope. It’s where silence isn’t to be feared, but welcomed.

Just One

In the dark silent whispers stir.
On my bed alone, waiting for your call.
Eyes close, when morning wakes,
Open eyes to feel lonely once more.
You’re not here; you’re not there.
Distance separates us.
They say long distant relationships are hard.
But we never let it get to us.
Not until now.
One mistake.
That’s all it takes.
For the phone to stop ringing,
Messenger to stop beeping,
And your voice no longer hearing.
Just one mistake
Left me unsure of another chance.

-Autumn Rain
December 3, 2016

Battle Cry

Is there a home I can just walk in;
Be myself, forget the troubles that hold within.
Is there a mirror I can hide in;
Smash to pieces, left me on the other side of it.

I’m broken…
I’m lonely…
Past mistakes left haunting me.
I’m sorry…
Can’t change anything-
The past is the past.

Is there a war I can walk away from;
Better yet, something I wouldn’t be blamed to start.
Is there a white flag I can wave some;
Then maybe then the war would finally come to seize.

I’m broken…
I’m lonely…
Can’t anybody see me?
I’m sorry…
Gem hidden I’ll remain.

-Autumn Rain
December 2, 2016

The Unforgiven Past

There is a sudden inkling,
Achingly, tugging at my bones.
Beyond that darkened glass
What eyes linger?
Insanity takes over the mind
From a past I can’t rewind.
A cold, lifeless heart,
Still beating in my chest,
Screams, “Do over! Do over!”
Like a rain dance to call on the rain,
I send my tune to the heavens.
The stars twinkle,
But they do not respond.
Each day broken glimpses of the past.
Look ahead, but without hope
What’s the use?
This zombie walks among the living.
Feeding on negativity,
Crying for positivity,
Aching to be heard,
To be understood.
A body, signs of living.
A soul merely present.
Eyes, the window to the soul,
Sleeping for ages.
Lost with time.
For time,
“is the essence in which we burn.”
Time will never pause for the mere mortal.
Flesh begins to rot,
Insides deteriorate,
Soon stand before the door of St. Peter,
Who will either deny
Or welcome with open arms.

In this world, we are destined to love.
We are created
To communicate with the world around us.
Yet, in this world,
Are some who feel the weight of the world.
They once carried their heart on their sleeve,
Only to be left with scars, cuts, bruises, and scrapes.
In this world,
There are some,
with eyes not tearing,
But bleeding.
Streams that could one day drown them.
There are some,
Living for tomorrow; yet,
Others running from the sheer thought.

-Autumn Rain
December 3, 2016